Daddy Boot Camp

This past week I began my “training” by attending Daddy Boot Camp at our hospital.

 Certificate of Completion

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a pretty candid and casual forum led by a “veteran dad.”  He took us through the basics like changing a diaper and securing the car seat to more advanced techniques of swaddling and burping while protecting your work shirt. One particular highlight might have been the dude who was two days away from his wife being induced. This poor guy was scared out of his mind and it left me thinking, “I wonder if I’ll be like that when we’re two days away.” Only two and half months left to find out.

Most of it was common sense but I walked away with a few interesting tips:

  • Bring a book to the hospital, as there is likely to be some down time
  • Pack a pillow for myself, the extra ones at the hospital are terrible
  • The key to swaddling is getting the first wrap tight
  • After  unfastening diaper, wait a moment before you take it off. It will most likely save you from getting peed on.
  • The technique of wiping a little girl is important – always wipe front to back
  • I will get poop on my face
I felt bad for the other guys in the class after hearing the stories about their hormone-influenced wives. In contrast, Christie has been relatively calm and easy going with no wild emotional swings or irrational requests. I thought for sure by now, I would have had to make a 2:00 a.m. run for cheese logs and pickles. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case.


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