Refit-To-Date Wrap Up

Part of the fun of boat projects is crossing them off the list and we are finally seeing some big progress in getting some crossed off. Over the last few months we got quite a bit done, though it was all planned to be done months before that. One of the details about refitting a boat that we’ve learned is that every project “costs twice as much and takes three times longer than planned”. Boat friends had warned us of this reality but it didn’t really sink in until we started experiencing it.

Matt installing solarvent above head

Often times what takes so long is waiting for parts. Matt makes an order and sure enough they get delivered the Monday after we had already been down to the boat for the weekend (we travel 4 hours each way to work aboard Kaleo about every other week). Along with waiting for parts to arrive comes the truth that every project takes longer than planned, no matter if you plan in extra time for it. That means there were quite a few Sundays we leave the boat with projects partially done. And there are of course the times we have all the parts and all the time but weather (too cold or too wet) manages to get it the way to see bigger progress.

We’ve even dropped the car keys in the water (not unlike the wedding band a few months before) but luckily had the Davis Key Buoy on the keychain, which floated the key to the surface just as promised.

Over the last few months we’ve crossed of the following (but there’s still plenty of work we’re in the middle of and ahead):


  • From hand-pump low quality to bluewater-worthy Lavac electric toilet
  • Waste tank monitor
  • Granite counter top
  • Faucet
  • Shower head
  • Shower head cabinet


  • Double sink
  • Pressure water faucet
  • Sea water and fresh water foot pumps & faucets
  • Water filter
  • Sink fillers
  • Reglued galley drawers


  • Upgraded to LED lights
  • Nav station R/W LED light
  • V-Berth fan
  • V-Berth mattress from Riverside Mattress
  • Cleaned A/C filters
  • Removed old velcro from salon cushion backs
  • Hang photos


  • Find chain stripper
  • Weld chain stripper
  • Install Solarvent
  • Re-hung shore power cord
  • Had dinghy repaired
  • Re-bedded chain plates
  • Re-bedded whisker pole holder
  • Replaced windlass footswitch
  • Replaced mainstay tangs
  • Replaced dorade box tops
  • Cowl vents (on order)
  • Proved the Davis Key Buoy will float keys to the surface

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One Response
  1. Nick O'Kelly says:

    Congratulations you guys. We don’t know each other, but I’m sure we have a lot in common. My wife and I have gone cruising twice now, and left on our first trip at 28 years old. We’re hungry to go again!

    Have fun preparing, and remember this: you won’t face any fears on the ocean greater than the fear of leaving “normal life” behind for a while.

    GO GET ‘EM!!!!!

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