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North From Norfolk

Kaleo and crew left Norfolk Sunday morning on the cusp of a heat wave bound for Deltaville, VA, about a day’s sail up the Chesapeake.

 A Navy ship heading out of the Hampton Roads on our way to Deltaville

As we passed by the marina in Deltaville we caught a glimpse of our friends’ Ted and Mili’s boat, Morning Glory, waiting patiently for their return from land touring. We so wished they were around as we set the hook in the serene harbor nearby.

Entering Deltaville through a very skinny channel

Sunset on the hook in Deltaville

After a peaceful night’s rest (and our last at anchor aboard Kaleo), we made for Solomon’s Island, MD. That morning the heat wave finally caught up with us as we made a windless motor passage in 95° heat. Electing for a good night’s rest, we pulled into a marina and fired up the A/C. We ordered pizza, had our showers and enjoyed the almost freezing interior.

We spent the evening debating the pros and cons of continuing to explore the Chesapeake for a few more months. And while there are literally hundreds of places to sail and see in the Chesapeake, annually July and August are hot (not fun to anchor in), windless (meaning more motoring, less sailing), with a lot of the bay being home to nettles, a kind of jellyfish (limiting any thought of swimming).

The Wolftrap Lighthouse on the Chesapeake

In the end, we decided it wouldn’t be a lot of fun if we were bound to marinas for the A/C, so next stop was Herrington Harbor where we would store Kaleo.

The parade of sails from Solomons to the Chesapeake

Tuesday morning, as we headed for the yard, hundreds of sailboats swarmed out of the harbor in sync with us as if offering a spectacular send-off parade. While it was really all the racers from the Annapolis to Solomons Screwpile Challenge, it was a wonderfully emotional lift to be surrounded by so many light-hearted sailors along our final sail into the Chesapeake Bay.


Reluctantly Returning

We woke up to our last morning aboard Thalia today and with heavy hearts we dingied ashore to return to land life. What a treat it has been to share this experience and we are so grateful to Lisa & Kirk for their generous hospitality, enlightening conversation & patience with our endless questions about their incredible lifestyle.
Spent the afternoon in D.C. walking the National Mall & Memorial Parks.
Meandered through the Smithsonian & caught a 3-D IMAX show
At just about the farthest walking point from where we parked, we got caught in a pretty rough thunderstorm. With a mix of running, walking to catch our breath, & laughing at the ridiculousness of it all – we returned to the car soaked like wet puppy dogs. Changed clothes, stopped for dinner, headed to the airport & slept like babies the entire flight home.

Downtown Annapolis

We spent the day exploring the “sailboat capital of the world”, downtown Annapolis with Kirk and Lisa. We strolled through the local shops, made our way past “Ego Alley” and they treated us to lunch at McGarvey’s along the city dock. We lounged on deck this evening with a stack of “TravelTopics” questions, learned more about each other, enjoyed the conversation and read as the sun set.

Sailing Along

Another glorious day of sailing The Chesapeake Bay! We have so much respect and appreciation for Kirk and Lisa “showing us the ropes” (pun intended).

Exploring and Discovering

We woke up with daylight, shared morning greetings and breakfast, and even borrowed the dingy to row over to a little island we could see across the way. We spent the rest of the day learning, asking a zillion questions, and listening with intent to our Captain and Admiral :o)
Tonight, we anchored up in the Chester River. We took this pic of the moon looking up through the windows of our state room. A day and eve well spent!

All Aboard

An amazing beginning to our sailing excursion of the Chesapeake Bay! We started the day with a fun breakfast at Chick & Ruth’s Delly in downtown Annapolis before meeting up with Lisa & Kirk at Weems Creek. We dingied out to tour the beautiful “Thalia” and put away our small amount of gear.
We then all dingied back to shore & headed into town for lunch & to Trader Joe’s to stock up on “provisions”. Once we returned to the boat & settled in, we set the sails & headed out past Thomas Point lighthouse toward our first night’s anchoring near near High Island up the Hrode River.

I particularly enjoyed settling into our “state room” aboard “Thalia”, sharing great conversation and a restful dinner in the salon, and lounging in the cockpit and deck taking in two spectacular shooting stars and seeing the orbiting satellites blazing across the clear night’s sky.

Setting Sail
Aerial view of Annapolis, Maryland

We flew out with wide-eyes this evening for a vacation of sailing the Chesapeake Bay with our friends Lisa and Kirk. They were incredibly gracious to host and introduce us to their lifestyle living onboard their incredible and quite comfortable sailboat, Thalia.
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