Pregnancy Perks

I am feeling the love from this whole pregnancy thing.

While there are certainly more restless nights, moments of discomfort, and a permanent reservation at the nearest restroom, there have been a plethora of perks that leave me feeling humbled and grateful for this entire experience. From the encouragement, gifts and prayers of our huge-hearted friends and family to standing prenatal massage appointments (it’s wellness people, wellness) and from all access passes at favorite restaurants to special mommy-to-be parking (thank you, Whole Foods and baby stores), I have nothing but a very full heart from it all.

Now, one would think that with both of us being in marketing we would be immune to the promptings of “Push Presents” and “Babymoons” (not a reference to a part of fetal anatomy, but rather a honeymoon-like trip that expectant couples take before the birth of a child). I mean, come on, these ideas seem like “Hallmark holidays” that would come up as ways to generate additional revenue for clients. However, blame it on the hormones and excitement, but we went for both.

First, the captain completely surprised me with a fancy pants DSLR camera and complimenting gear to capture sweet memories and new adventures to come.

The Original “Push Present”

We made the most of a recent road trip by carving out some time for a little pre-baby R&R in one of our favorite places – Charleston, SC.

Babymooning in Charleston

And in other news, we’ve bought a house! Long story short, we were perfectly content bringing the little one home to our downtown condo when Matt stumbled upon a house that went on the market a couple of Sundays ago. We checked it out that day, put an offer on it on Monday, offer accepted on Tuesday, finances approved on Wednesday, great inspection that Saturday and we’re just out of our options period. Have I mentioned that our closing date coincides with our baby’s due date! Why not make an adventure of it all, right?

Completely Over The Top “Push Present”

Why now? Mostly because we want our little one to be near family and friends for her first few years, it’s less than five miles from Matt’s office, in a great neighborhood within the city, is move-in ready (just completely remodeled by a reputable custom homebuilder), and is an equity play for us to be able to sell or rent to go cruising again.

Of course, I haven’t even mentioned that greatest “perk” of all – that we’ll soon be bringing home one of the greatest blessings we could ever be given. Thank you, Lord.


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