Showered With Love

We truly have the most thoughtful, generous, fun and creative family and friends! In the months leading up to the arrival of our baby girl, we have been blessed with some very sweet and meaningful baby showers.

They began a few months ago when I visited one of my dearest friends and new mom, Jenny, in Sweden. While there, and to my complete surprise, her and her family threw me a little American shower where we were given unique and traditional Swedish toys, books and clothes. So thoughtful!

Surprise shower in Sweden

Soon after, my Mom and Nana hosted a hometown baby shower and brunch for the ladies in, and closest with, our family. Every detail of their planning and hosting created a sweet, elegant, and truly perfect celebration.


Lovely ladies at our family brunch shower

And just the weekend before, a few of my closest girlfriends threw a fun shower for the Dallas girlfriends. They transformed our condo’s clubhouse into a pink and navy nautical wonderland where we enjoyed catching up and opening gifts over delicious bites and refreshing sips.


Friends at our Dallas shower

Lastly, we were also treated to a shared shower during our recent family reunion in North Carolina. There, we celebrated the upcoming arrival of three new babies entering the family within three months of each other as Matt’s brother and cousin’s wives are also expecting.

So, once again we are humbled by the generosity and thoughtfulness of loved ones near and far. Thank you all!


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