12 Week Snapshot

We’re starting to round out our first trimester!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week’s check-up fell on the day after Valentine’s Day. We couldn’t have asked for a more heartwarming gift than to hear our little one’s healthy heartbeat (160 bpm) and see lots of growth since our last ultrasound. Baby Butcher is looking a lot more like a baby these days and less like a frog/bat child from the last image.

While I can’t feel its movement yet, the doctor had quite the challenge in getting still images for measurements (and a healthy dose of entertainment) as this kiddo had LOTS of energy, squirming about and flailing its arms around during the ultrasound. Definitely our child.

Now that we’re 12 weeks along, we’re feeling more comfortable/ready to share with the family. Should be fun to see their reactions.

Once the family knows, we’ll start sharing with more friends in a few weeks.


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