Our Misdiagnosed Miscarriage

Yes, we’re expecting and are so very grateful for our little blessing!

BUT, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing as we’ve had to navigate some highs and lows through a pretty rough start.

 A healthy baby heartbeat in a miscarriage pre-op?!

Soon after the digital “PREGNANT” confirmation, a call to our OB-GYN was made and the first appointment set up. At the appointment the doctor was unable to hear a heartbeat. And with little else for confirmation (a round of bloodwork to test hormone levels), she diagnosed a miscarriage. Christie was given options for physically processing the miscarriage, some that would yield immediate results, but she elected to go home to try and “pass” it naturally. An experience that was explained to be incredibly painful and emotionally challenging to say the least.

Our hearts were heavy. We prayed and we waited. We were somewhat grateful that we had waited to share any news with our family for fear of getting their hopes up only to just as quickly dash them. But with a need for support, we turned to a few close friends and prayer warriors. And their prayers were fiercely powerful, as we’d come to find out.

After a week and half of dread and anxiety, Christie wasn’t able to miscarry naturally so it seemed that she needed to go forward with a medically assisted option. Sigh.  A D&C was recommended (though we didn’t like the idea of any surgery, it was the best option at this point).

With a brave heart Christie went in for the pre-op the day before surgery. She listened, read and completed the detailed paperwork about all the horrible things that could go wrong, and numbingly signed her name. Draped in the gown that was as revealing as the emotion she felt inside, she slid onto the tissue paper covered table in silence. Another ultrasound, “just to confirm”, was performed and (our now most favorite) nurse said “Honey, you can not have this surgery … you have a healthy baby heartbeat.” Too shocked to truly react and confusing the baby’s heartbeat (now thumping rapidly through the sono machine) with her own, she sat waiting for the OB.

The medical explanation: Despite their apparent surprise, the doctor said they must have been off with the timing (testing too early for a heartbeat). Well, alrighty then. Let’s try to get that a little more precise in the future, please. (Or, better yet – how about simply having us return the following week for another check-in.)

Needless to say, we were a little dumbfounded and worn out from it all but praised the Lord for His protection and provision. We have no doubts that the prayer warriors in our life met up with God for some miraculous work. Words seem anemic in trying to show our gratitude for it all but our hearts and little trooper are thriving in thanksgiving.

A little hello to the captain

We now have a new OB. And are looking forward to welcoming our little sea monkey in late August.



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