Great Gifts for Sailors

If you’re not a sailor, then picking out a great gift for one can be puzzling.


It may seem like we speak a foreign language when you hear terms like sheets when referring to ropes and the head when talking about the toilet. So, to make shopping for a sailor (i.e., you) a little easier, check out this list for potential ideas to share with someone who may have you on their list.

We can vouch for all the tools and gear below as we’ve used them while cruising aboard Kaleo.

  • Platypus PlusBottles – Great for toting water on the go. Clips on a backpack and rolls down when empty.
  • Waterproof backpack – Inexpensive and great for packing a change of clothes or the laptop on a wet dinghy ride
  • Sailor Bags – These bags are sturdy, fully collapsible, water resistant and guaranteed for life making them ideal for anyone active on and off the water
  • Clear dome umbrella – An easy way to stay dry on a wet dinghy ride while still being able to see in front of you
  • Jump drive – for sharing photos and other resources with fellow cruisers
  • MSR Packtowels Personal XL – Ultrasoft, compact, quick-drying and Anti-Microbial towels make drying off easy in humid environments
  • Canon Powershot D10 Waterproof Camera – known as “the cruiser’s camera”, it takes beautiful shots and stands up to the hard life of living in saltwater
  • Lock & Lock Food-Storage Containers – airtight, watertight, durable polypropylene storage containers that seal in freshness of provisions like baking supplies (flours, sugars, etc.), rice, pastas, cereal, crackers, cookies, etc.
  • Adventure Medical Marine 1000 Kit – the ideal cruisers’ first aid kit designed for short offshore adventures. Well stocked to tend to the crew if medical care is 12 – 24 hours away.
  • Bullet 2HP WiFi booster – Internet access on the boat when there are unlocked signals within about five miles
  • Hawaiian sling – a slingshot type of device used for spearfishing
  • Lookie Bucket – a clear bottom bucket used for checking the anchor or looking at reefs without getting wet
  • Mr. Heater Buddy – an indoor-safe propane heater for those cold nights we encountered when headed for tropical cruising grounds
  • Iris 50 Hand bearing compass – an effective well-made compass for taking bearings when navigating close to shore or tracking a massive freighter’s direction when they’re too close for comfort
  • Picquic Mariner – a rustproof fullsize 7-in-1 multibit screwdriver with custom ordered bits to fit the square head screws used on Kaleo (most Canadian-built boats)
  • POWER8 Workshop – the most common power wood working tools combined into one flexible unit that packs into a small case and is battery powered, meaning it can be used in remote anchorages or when away from a power source
  • Mvelopes Online Money Management – in our opinion, the best way to manage day-to-day finances and save for living your dreams.

What are other ideas that YOU’D add to this list? Share with us in the comments as we’d love to hear what’s on your wishlist this year!


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  1. Love the clear umbrella idea! The towels that you mentioned look great too .. thanks for sharing! Have a great Christmas and New Year!

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