From Sea Shores to Hardwood Floors

It feels good to be HOME.

Right now, we are …

– feeling blessed that we dreamed big and lived our big dream

reflecting on the courage it took to take the road less traveled

– unpacking a wealth of memories made in a year that will surely last a lifetime

acknowledging that this was not a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but rather a spark of action to live a life of more adventure

bridging so many life lessons learned on the water into our new life on land

– passing on the frenetic pace of life that seemed inevitable before we went cruising

treasuring the tangible closeness with family and friends

– thankful that loved ones know no distance nor time away

– feeling the warmth of them near to heart and home

– missing folks who became family on the water

– adoring our new land home

stretching out within it with new found appreciation of space

refusing to fill it with meaningless “stuff”

– sharpening some forgotten skills, like driving at 70 mph!

– anticipating the crisp fall weather that blows closer each day

– fancifying wild pirate stories so as to not disappoint all those who ask

recalling the vividness of life’s colors while afloat

reminiscing of those lazy days at anchor

itching to be sailing again (good thing we’re heading to the coast this week for the Harvest Moon Regatta!)

hoping that Kaleo will be out cruising again soon

– praising God at our home church, Fellowship Church

– realizing just how incredibly blessed we are

– encouraging sailors who want to be cruisers

– sending our love to those out cruising now

Рand ultimately, praying that everyone would know the joy of accomplishing their own dreams.

We’ve settled in but the adventure in us hasn’t settled down. We’ll keep you updated on happenings as they happen.


Thank you SouleMama for this “Right Now” idea.

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4 Responses
  1. You have a lot to be thankful for and have already accomplished a lifetime’s worth of adventure at such a young age. You have definitely inspired us and we look forward to keeping in touch. I’m sure we’ll have some questions once we finally “sail away’!

  2. What a thoughtful note, Cheryl. Thank you. We are cheering you guys on in full support and love as you continue preparing to cast away.

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks for being an inspiration, I hope to start my cruising adventure next fall! Good luck as you transition for a bit before your next adventure.

  4. Thanks for your note, Peter! And GREAT site. Looks like you’re well on your way to living the dream! Next fall will be here sooner than you think and time will slooooww for you to soak in every vivid moment. Best wishes.

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