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We’re delighted to have been nominated by Matt over at Life’s A Journey to participate in the Tripbase, “7 Links Blogger Challenge“. This project is sweeping the social media scene and is a way to shed light on a handful of archived posts and to show some love to fellow travel bloggers.

We are honored to be the first cruisers that have been selected to participate and are excited to pass the torch on to five others (cruisers of course) in hopes of spreading the word about this interesting project among the cruising and sailing communities.

With the challenge’s criteria to guide us, we reflected on the 200+ posts we’ve written here over the past two and a half years to compile the following.

MOST BEAUTIFUL – Harbour Island, The Nantucket of the Caribbean

This was probably the hardest category to narrow down. We’re blessed to have sailed to so many jaw-droppingly beautiful places along our travels. If we have to pick just ONE place then it would be Harbor Island off of Eleuthera. Only accessible by boat (and having to cross through the Devil’s Backbone to reach it), this settlement is truly beautiful in every sense of the word with the open Atlantic crashing over pink sand beaches, tree shaded lanes winding through historic English architecture and a sense that everyone on the island had the same mindset – to enjoy it. Read the post …


Many readers have asked what it’s really like living on a sailboat. They’re specifically curious to know how we can thrive each day in an indoor living space no larger than most people’s bedroom. The best way to describe it was to open the front door and invite them in. Our home is mobile, efficient, and sufficient. And that’s the beauty of it. Despite being the size of a walk-in closet and in some form of constant motion, it doesn’t feel confining. Rather, we wake up to a new playground each day and have a pretty snazzy pool. We welcome you to take the tour. Read the post …


We knew as soon as we pressed “Publish” on this post, we were in for some startled responses. While we are offering Kaleo for sale, it’s because she is a vessel built for cruising the ocean and at least for a while, we are returning to adventures ashore. She served her purpose admirably and we look forward to to seeing where she will take her new crew. But for the record, we are by no means finished with sailing or the cruising lifestyle. Read the post …

MOST HELPFUL POST – Kaleo Has Been Newly Salted

This post, written as part of the Interview with a Cruiser project, compiled some of the most common questions from aspiring cruisers and our answers to them. This interview, along with the many others who have participated in IWOC, are building a knowledge bank that aims to better prepare those dreaming of and/or planning to toss the docklines. Read the post …

MOST SURPRISING SUCCESS – The Charm of Charleston

When looking at our traffic stats, we were surprised that our top destination post was not the exotic locale of a remote tropical island. Rather, it seems like readers were lured by good old lowcountry livin’. We couldn’t agree with them more as the charm of Charleston captivated our hearts and had us staying much longer than planned and leaving sooner than we would have liked. This post was even featured on the Southend Brewery & Smokehouse’s blog, a local restaurant where we dined one evening. Read the post …

DESERVED MORE ATTENTION – A Big 0, Means We’re One Step Closer

This post probably didn’t get a lot of attention because it’s not about sailing, cruising, travel or adventure. But for us, without the step of becoming debt free and having an aggressive savings plan, none of the other posts would have been possible. When people ask how we were able to step away from our careers to sail about the world for awhile, we suggest they start here. Read the post …

MOST PROUD OF – Yoga and Kids’ Church

Kids have a big place in our heart. And it’s important to us to give back to the communities we visit along our travels. So, one of the many ways we have connected with islanders was by volunteering as tutors at their schools and teaching kids’ church in the community. With Bahamian churches, we also  shared resources from our home church that support children’s Christian growth. Read the post …


The final piece of the project is to nominate five other travel bloggers to take part. Here are my 5 nominations:

 To the bloggers selected above, the rules for participating in the 7 Links Project can be found here. Be sure to nominate someone who has not already been nominated. You can check the current list of nominations here.


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  1. Love the seven posts that you chose! They pretty much tell the story. We also agree with your nominations of other cruisers. We have been following all of them and all of you make us anxious to get out there. It’s amazing how much the interior of your boat looks like our Catalina 30 … very similar layout. Glad to hear that cruising isn’t over for ya’ll!

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