Mili Captures Kaleo

In addition to being an exceptional Cook, the Admiral of “Morning Glory” happens to be an excellent watercolor artist. While in the Jumentos, she turned that talent into charming image of “Kaleo” resting at anchor in Water Cay.

Kaleo captured in watercolor at Water Cay, Jumentos

It’s one of our most precious treasures from this trip so far. Thanks, Mili!

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  1. andy & Sonja says:

    Hi Folks , it still looks & sounds like you are having loads of fun , we are still hopping to of got our Catamaran by December, We are still a little unsure of what amount of $$ we would be spending, having traveled in a camper van for sum time we know all about saving water etc & it is probably the same as sailing, being quite “Frugal” with what we get & eat our issue are the “over seas prices” We sailed in Tonga for a month & found that some things were double the price of NZ & we take it from what we are reading it is the same where you are, ?? either way we are all set up for a great trip & loads of diving :-) We also see you do very well with Cray fish / Lobsters , How are the Conch ? you find many of those / & have you tried Lion Fish ?
    Ok all for now safe trip fare winds & calm seas

    Andy & Sonja

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