Happy Independence Day

Today we gratefully celebrate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Because 235 years ago a group of courageous men got together and they made a commitment, they made a declaration. These Founding Fathers were willing to risk everything for a set of ideals that still inspire the people of this nation today.

For us, those ideals have bestowed the freedom to pursue a road less traveled. One where the notion of breaking free from the status quo, living simply and exploring the world in our floating home went beyond just capturing our imaginations. It gave us the freedom to pursue a dream and to see it take life.

Today we’re reminded that this freedom came at a high price and that we’re remarkably blessed because of the sacrifices made to secure it. That in itself is worthy of a spectacular celebration.

As you reflect on your dreams, you might find inspiration in revisiting The Declaration that was drafted to give us all the freedom to pursue them.


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2 Responses
  1. JC says:

    Great Post! I have enjoyed following you two. God Bless you Both. DRJCAIII

  2. Thanks for your encouraging note and kind words, JC. We appreciate you joining us as virtual crew along these adventures. God Bless.

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